October Movers and Shakers

October is a funny month – sandwiched between summer movie madness and the Christmas lull (star Wars aside), it tends to see get some interesting releases, and this year was no different. So, in no particular order, here are my winners and losers for October:
Blade Runner fans – Blade Runner 2049, whatever your opinion on it, was a critical success. In successfully staying faithful to and expanding the Blade Runner universe, Blade Runner fans were treated to the sequel they never thought they’d get. Unfortunately the box office nos weren’t so accommodating (see below).
Star Wars fans – Any month you get a new Star Wars trailer is a win in my book. Cue fanboy spiel on massive excitement for the Last Jedi….
David Fincher fans – The awesome looking (nope i haven’t seen it yet but its def on my list!) Mindhunter was released. Will be really interesting to see what Fincher has in mind for World War Z 2 after seeing his success with this show.
Marvel fans – Thor Ragnarok was released and it’s an awesomely entertaining romp, and the best reviewed Marvel film to date. I almost wish Marvel would put out a real turd of a film so I could say something different about them. Almost.
Larry David fans – The mighty Curb your Enthusiasm returned to our screens (in the UK) for a 9th season (cant believe the show has been running for this long). One of the few shows I can honestly say I’d happily watch into season 20. If you’ve never watched this one and you’re a fan of comedy around awkward social situations, my advice would be to inhale the first 8 seasons as soon as humanly possible.
Blade Runner fans – Whilst Blade Runner 2049 was well received critically, its performance at the box office (just like the original) wasn’t quite so stellar. So whilst all of us Blade Runner fans are over the moon for the critical success of the film, with these numbers its by no means a given we’ll see any more films in this universe. As always time (and word of mouth, blu ray performance) will tell. 
Fans of quality cinema – Geostorm came out. It was just as awful as we all thought it would be. The only consolation was, it wasn’t another Transformers movie.

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