The future of the DC EU

So its now official – we live in a post Wonder Woman world (Click here for more on Wonder Woman). It seems that DC has finally turn the tide and put out something truly worthy in the eyes of the critics as well as the fans, and many would say its long overdue. Whilst they were commercially successful in terms of box office nos, The DC universe has had some troubled times ever since Man of Steel’s release, with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad in particular meeting widespread disdain for a whole variety of reasons that I wont break down here (just check out for more on that!). 
In terms of looking to the future for DC I think its first necessary to look at the past. Clearly there’s already a plethora of articles out there that break down the reasons for this but for me it really comes down to one thing: Reactivity. Whereas Marvel have historically been (post Iron Man) extremely proactive and organised in setting out a definitive plan and structure for their universe, DC have (by and large) been the opposite. They were so set on being different from Marvel that they perhaps went too far the other way, wanting to develop a darker, grittier universe through allowing individual directors to retain creative control and express their own visions but with no adherence to a group plan. Now, clearly this kind of approach only works when the directors concerned hit it out the park on a regular basis (as they had with Christopher Nolan on the Dark Knight trilogy). However in the case of the films stated above this just hasn’t been the case for the majority (although I appreciate there are many who may have enjoyed BvS and Suicide Squad, though I wasn’t one of them).
If you also looked at the reactionary nature of some of the announcements coming from Warner Bros (the fiasco over the script for the Flash, the massive cuts and edits of Suicide Squad etc..) it was clear that the direction from the top just wasn’t there.
However, it seems that with the release of Wonder Woman DC finally have something solid to build on, something that has become truly embedded in the consciousness of both fans and critics alike. For all the rush to announce detailed schedules in the past it also finally seems like WB are playing the cards closer to their chest at last, with only Aquaman (set for release 21/12/18) and Justice League (set for release 17/11/17) officially named on their upcoming release schedule. It seems that for now, WB is taking their time to come up with a comprehensive plan going forward and lining up some truly A list directing talent (such as Planet of the Apes helmer Matt Reeves) to take their big names forward. With only two confirmed titles on their slate, this really gives them a chance to go back to the drawing board and really come up with a cohesive plan that hopefully incorporates all of these new visionaries into a more carefully prepared structure.
Whatever happens next, it should be interesting to find out! What do you think the future holds for the DCEU?

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